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Pre order | PVY Z20 PLUS | 250W Motor | Max Range 120km | 48V 14.5Ah/16.5Ah Battery | Max Load 150kg

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LE 85,000.00 EGP
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EN 15194 CE Certified by SGS | 250W Motor | Max Range 120km | 48V 14.5Ah/16.5Ah Battery | Max Load 150kg

Designed with style and function in mind, the PVY Z20 PLUS boasts sleek lines, a modern aesthetic and thoughtful details. The perfect combination of power, versatility and comfort. Conquer any terrain effortlessly with its fat tires, be it sand, snow, or rocky trails. Designed for the adventurous spirits and urban explorers alike, this cutting-edge electric bike is poised to revolutionize your riding experience.

250W Geared Hub Motor

Powerful Motor

Plus 1000 High-performance motor & 100Nm torque offer fast acceleration and excellent climbing. Effortlessly conquer challenging terrain, ascend steep hills for an exhilarating ride.

Plus 500 65Nm

High Capacity Battery

Long Range

Plus 1000 with a 48V 16.5Ah high-quality lithium battery, this bike excels in performance and longevity. Enjoy a 30% longer battery life compared to similar models, allowing for a range of 120km on a single charge. It requires only weekly charging.
Plus 500 max range 100km 

Effortlessly Compact, Limitlessly Adventurous

Experience the convenience of a 3-section frame design, folding effortlessly in just 8 seconds. Easily store it corner, in trunks, on RVs, or anywhere, making it your companion for enjoyable journeys anytime, anywhere.

Plus 500 Mechanical brake